Angus Carlyle – Symposium 6 “Sonification (what, where, how, why)”

Angus Carlyle works at the University of the Arts, London where, with Dr. Cathy Lane, he is a Director of CRiSAP.
He has been an intermittent writer for a couple of decades, tackling subjects as diverse as the suicide of Guy Debord and long-distance truck drivers. He has devoted a lot of words to contemporary photography, a process that began when he was the editor of themepark – a magazine that was active across the turn of the millennium – and then continued with texts for gallery catalogues and articles for Hotshoe, Photoworks, Black Dog Press and Eyemazing. He edited Autumn Leaves: Sound and Environment in Artistic Practice for Double Entendre and will soon publish Katch 23, a book about the art-pop band, The KLF.
In recent years, he has been exploring sound in artistic contexts, exhibiting at the DCA Gallery in Tucson, the Zeppelin Festival in Barcelona, in the High Desert Test Sites in Joshua Tree Valley, at London’s E:vent Gallery, on Resonance FM and on the M25 Motorway. He has performed as part of improvising groups in the UK’s oldest cinema, at the Placard Festival and at the Sonic Arts’ Network’s Expo 2008. A CD of his Kami-Katsura recordings will be released by Gruenrekorder in the Spring of 2009. He is a researcher on the multi-disciplinary Positive Soundscape Project.

Le propos de ce symposium est de faire un état de l’art sur l’utilisation de la sonification dans le domaine artistique en focalisant plus particulièrement sur l’utilisation de données captées dans l’environnement (pris dans un sens large). Notre thématique prend moins en compte les problématiques de la sonification liées aux interfaces gestuelles et instruments électroniques.


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